Holiday Gift Ideas for Men on the Nice List

Holiday Gifts for Men

Cologne. Power tools. Boxers. Socks. Whiskey. Those are the usual suspects when it comes to holiday gifts for him. You can do better! Give him a gift that’s as whip smart as you are. Give him the VOOT…


Appeal to His Inner Cowboy

Western Boot Shaper

Whether he works on a ranch or only wishes he did, he has a pair of cowboy boots – or multiple pairs. And he definitely needs Voot boot inserts. Of all boot styles, cowboy boots are most prone to “toe curling”…it’s as unsightly as it sounds. Cowboy boot leather is thick and can soak up a ton of moisture which causes the leather – along with the boot sole – to curl upwards. The fix? Proper ventilation compliments of Voot DURA boot shapers! The DURA model is the tallest, toughest Voot boot insert and just the right size for cowboy boots. Remember, Cowboy boots are expensive, y’all. Protect his investment and he’ll ride off into the sunset with you.


The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Men with “Moto Mania”

Motor Cycle BootsIf he lives to ride his motorcycle or just loves “moto” style (think distressed jeans and sleek leather jackets), the Voot RODEO boot form is a MUST for his motorcycle boots. The RODEO Voot boot insert is shorter just for boots that hit mid calf. It’s also made of a thicker material that stands up to the toughest motorcycle boots but won’t stretch the leather. RODEO boot forms are also ideal for keeping work boots in tip-top shape.


Gifts for Him…the Dashing Gentleman

Men's Boot ShaperYou know this guy. He’s the one who can always spot those Gucci loafers or Hermes belt in a crowd. For the designer-minded man, Voot boot shapers are a necessity. Men’s designer boots are often made with the finest, most expensive leather: suede, calfskin, nubuck. The style may be fierce, but if the material is delicate, give him Voot PRIMA (for taller boots) or BELLA boot shapers (for shorter boots) – designed to provide just the right amount of tension to keep designer boots upright and properly aired out.


Stocking Stuffers for Him Made Simple!

Want to keep him guessing on Christmas morning? Roll up Voot boot inserts, place them in his stocking, and release. You’ll have more room for stock stuffers for him AND he’ll wonder why his sock is so perfectly shaped. Bonus points if you include a boot care kit in his stocking, too!

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