How Do Voot Boot Shapers Work?

Three Quick Steps to Boot Perfection

    1. Roll the Voot boot shaper up
    2. Place it into the boot
    3. Let go for the shaper to expand to the shape of the boot.

      Stunningly Simple. Astoundingly Effective

      At last, a boot shaper that does its job! Most boot trees are too strong and actually stretch the boot during storage. Others—such as inflatables and hollow plastic inserts—are too flimsy. (Not to mention they trap moisture and sweat…ewww.) Voot boot inserts are just right! After all, Voot shapers are the result of intense testing and trials. Each of the four Voot boot shaper models have been configured to produce exactly the right amount of tension to prevent creases, wrinkles, and lines. 

      One of the strongest features of Voot Boot shapers are that you can combine models. Most boots need stronger shaping in the ankle are and less in the top shaft to avoid stretching. Combine a Rodeo with a Prima boot shaper. Combine two Prima boot shapers for over-the-knee boots. You get the idea...

      Voot Chemistry 101: Find Your Boot’s Voot Match

      Your boots have distinct personalities. Dainty and delicate booties. Tough and trendy motorcycle boots. It’s important to find the Voot most compatible with each boot style. After all, your boots and Voot will be in storage together for an entire season! The right Voot brings out the best in your boots’ appearance, performance, and longevity. Find the Voot that’s just right for your boot, here. 

      Made in the USA: Quality You Can See and Feel

      Voot has set high standards in boot storage. And that starts with how Voot boot inserts are made. Voot is proud to be an American company partnering with American companies to bring you the best in boot shapers. Voot boot shapers are free from harmful elements, such as chlorine, that some other plastics contain. Voot is made from a high-quality, resilient plastic material that is virtually unbreakable.

      A Footnote on Foot Wellness

      Voot boot inserts are more than a fashion essential; they promote podiatric health. It’s essential to keep boots dry when not in use. Without the airflow that Voot provides, the damp, dark boot interior becomes the perfect climate for foot fungus growth. (Gross, we know!)

      Voot boot shapers also put your comfort first by keeping boots smooth and crease-free. Those creases that form without Voot aren’t just unsightly, they can dig into your calf or ankle, causing discomfort and pain.

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