Gift Ideas for the 5 Trickiest, Pickiest Recipients on Your List!

Most women have a signature scent. But the chicest also have a signature holiday gift, too. It’s the secret of gift giving pros: Always having a stash of a universally loved gift – ready to bestow at a moment’s notice. Voot boot forms are a gift givers best friend…they’re thoughtful, unexpected, yet almost everyone can use them. It’s why Voot boot inserts are a Top 2019 Gift –and a great stocking stuffer idea to boot! 

The Hostess with the Mostest (Bottles of Wine)

Hostesses love wine. They really do. But bottle after bottle can get boring. Show off your gift giving savvy by adding in a set of Voot boot forms. Here’s how: roll up the Voot boot forms around a bottle of wine, and tie with a beautiful bow (be sure to tie a knot first, so it stays in place). Then, place the Vooted wine inside a wine gift bag. Voila!

The Office Secret Santa

Ah, the joys of corporate life! The office Secret Santa exchange strikes fear in every gift givers heart. Be personal, but not too personal (no bubble bath, thanks). Be fun! But not whoopee cushion levels of fun. What to do? Voot the situation! The best Secret Santa gifts are mysterious and interesting, and make for excellent water cooler convos. Your office pal will love explaining their clever new Voot boot inserts. Trust us. It’s the Voot effect! You just want to share how simply brilliant they are.

The Ultra Picky Friend

We all have one. The friend who knows exactly what he likes. This makes gift giving nearly impossible. But Voot boot inserts are so practical, functional, and fun, even the most discerning friend will be impressed. Plus, because Voot boot forms are made in the USA and designed by a small American business, the quality is unparalleled.

The Gadget Geek

She’s got to have the latest gadgets and loves being the first to try new products. Voot boot forms are a no brainer for the gadget geek! She’ll geek out when you show her how to roll up the Voot insert, place it in the boot, and release to create the optimal tension needed to prevent boot creases. You can also drop some knowledge on your gadget geek about the science of Voot: it prevents the build up of mold or fungus inside the boot thanks to improved air flow throughout the boot shaft.

The Mailman

Yes, we said the mailman (or woman)! Your Fedex guy and your UPS gal wear thick boots to protect their tootsies from fallen packages. They’d love to treat their boots to a little TLC with Voot boot inserts. After a rainy or snowy day, they can place Voot boot forms into their boots to promote airflow that will speed up drying. Plus, you’re helping them protect their boots from creasing and wrinkling, which can lead to blisters.

Happy Holidays from Voot!

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