A Holiday Wish List…From Your Boots!

It’s time to play Santa to your beloved boots - and look! They left you a letter (but we ate the cookies, sorry).

Dear Santa, we’ve been VERY good this year. We’ve kept your feet warm and toasty this fall. We added an extra kick of style to your wardrobe this summer. And we even protected your tootsies when you accidentally dropped your coffee. Since we’re on the nice list, there’s a few things we hope to see under the tree this year.

With love,
Your Boots

1) A Suede Brush Kit

We know you mean well, but scrubbing our soft suede hurts! It’s damaging our beautiful leather. Can you give us a little better boot care by investing in a suede brush and block? That way you can gently rub away any scuffs or stains. P.S. If your budget is tight, an eraser will do the trick, too!

2) Boot Cleaner

Again, we understand you’re just trying to keep us clean and happy. But when you use a little hand soap and water to wipe us down, it’s actually breaking us down! Literally, our leather is starting to disintegrate. Why? Because almost all soaps contain alcohol and we can’t handle our liquor - it ruins us!

3) Give Us the VOOT!

If you get us - your beloved boots - just ONE gift this year, please, please, please let it be a pair of Voot boot shapers. They’ll last for years to come, and will help us stay strong and do our best work for you. Listen, we’re starting to look a bit wrinkly - but Voot boot inserts would be like a shot of Botox! We’d look refreshed, like the day you first fell for us. Plus, Voot boot forms can help us breathe better: we know you hate it when we’re soggy and stinky!

4) A Spa Day

Could you send us to the boot spa? We think it’s called a cobbler, and it’s heaven for us. We can relax and be pampered by a true professional who specializes in boot care.

5) A Few More Friends…

It’s getting lonely around here. We wondered if you could bring home another pair of boots for us to hang out with? Many shoe stores are now carrying Voot boot inserts, too, so don’t forget to Voot your new boots.

P.S. Please don’t get us any inflatable boot inserts. They don’t work! Inflatable boot inserts don’t apply the right pressure needed to keep boots upright. Plus, they trap air inside - our favorite boot couple hyperventilated because they couldn’t breathe!

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