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Reboot Your Thinking

We love a good life hack. Only Voot offers such a simple, boot-loving way to preserve your favorite pairs. Voot boot shapers never lose their shape, or wear out. They’re made of a virtually indestructible plastic that won’t tear.

Such a smart product, love these!

These are just brilliant. The price is good for the quality, the plastic is smooth and seems the perfect tension to hold my boots upright without stretching the boot shaft. Plus you have to appreciate these are made in the USA :) LOVE MY VOOTS

— Lindsay

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Shape without Stretching

Just say no to those expensive and ineffective molded plastic boot shapers with springs that often stretch the leather or fabric, making the boot wider. Voot provides just the right amount of tension for each boot.

Smooth Operator

Don’t blow it with inflatable boot inserts, which quickly form creases and wrinkles that get worse as air slowly leaks out, puncture easily, and often need replacement. Only Voot delivers the gentle, consistent pressure needed to keep boots shapely and smooth.

Fresh – Never Funky

Boots with funky style? Yes please. Boots with funky odors? Nope. DIY methods like newspaper- or magazine-stuffing or pool noodles not only can’t maintain your boots’ natural shape, but they trap moisture. Voot gently lines the boot shaft, leaving it open for odor-busting air flow.

A Voot For Every Boot

There’s no need for the multi-size shapers that come in perforated sheets, with their jagged edges that can cut your boot – or you! There are four Voot boot shapers to choose from.

Hit the Road with Voot!

Stay organized and stylish even on the go. Unlike other options, Voot boot inserts are super lightweight, flexible, and fit easily into any suitcase. Perfect for the fashion-forward jetsetter.

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