About Voot Boot Shaper

A Step Up in Style and Common Sense

The idea for Voot came from necessity, the mother of all invention. On a perfectly crisp, bright fall day in New York City, the founder of Voot boot shapers opened her closet door. She reached for her favorite (expensive!) suede boots: rich, supple, and super stylish. What she pulled out instead were limp, permanently creased boots. Boots deserve better, she thought. And the quest began. After three years and countless tests, prototypes, and trials, Voot boot shapers have taken shape as the best possible option to preserve your boots.

I love how the flexible material is strong enough to shape ...

Can't wait to buy more Voots! I love how the flexible material is strong enough to shape but not so strong that they'll stretch my leather boots. I used to use pool noodles to hold my boots up, but immediately after putting these in my knee high boots I realized a huge difference. The noodles are going back in the pool!

These are affordable, pretty to look at, easy to use. Love how you can stack two Voots in one boot if you need extra height!

— Alex

Boot shapers made in USA

Made in the USA, Made to Last

You invest in your boots; we invest in creating the best boot shaper. It’s that simple. We refuse to cut corners or use cheap materials from overseas in our boot inserts. So, yes, you may pay approximately a dollar more for Voot than for other shapers on the market. That’s a small price to pay for 100% American plastic materials and 100% USA manufacturing. Voot believes in empowering American workers. And in our opinion, nothing compares to a quality product made in the USA.

A Footnote on Foot Wellness

Voot boot inserts are more than a fashion essential; they promote podiatric health. It’s essential to keep boots dry when not in use. Without the airflow that Voot provides, the damp, dark boot interior becomes the perfect climate for foot fungus growth. (Gross, we know!) 

Voot boot shapers also put your comfort first by keeping boots smooth and crease-free. Those creases that form without Voot aren’t just unsightly, they can dig into your calf or ankle, causing discomfort and pain.



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