A Voot Boot Form Tip to Try! Work Double Duty

Over-the-knee boot care

Double Up and Voot Your Over-the-Knee Boots!

Your thigh high and over-the-knee boots will be over the moon if you treat them right, here’s how:

THE PROBLEM: Tall boots need extra TLC because they’re prone to creasing without proper storage. Plus, if the extra long boot shaft is not supported with a boot form, it will flop over and cut off the air circulation needed to prevent…well, stinky boots!

THE FIX: Put two Voot Prima inserts into each boot. You’ll want to use Prima if the boot material is delicate: velvet, super fine leather, or suede. For thicker leather or heavier synthetics, use Dura. Sometimes the ankle area requires stronger shaping and you can place the double strength Rodeo to smooth out crinkles.

STEP BY STEP: Roll up the first Voot boot form and place it all the way to the bottom of the boot – and simply release. Next, roll up the second Voot boot insert and place it so that it slightly overlaps or just touches the first Voot insert – and release.

Voila! You get the highest Voot honors for Vooting your highest boots!


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