A Voot Boot Form Tip to Try! Work Double Duty

Over-the-knee boot care

Double Up and Voot Your Over-the-Knee Boots!

Your thigh high and over-the-knee boots will be over the moon if you treat them right, here’s how:

THE PROBLEM: Tall boots need extra TLC because they’re prone to creasing without proper storage. Plus, if the extra long boot shaft is not supported with a boot form, it will flop over and cut off the air circulation needed to prevent…well, stinky boots!

THE FIX: Put two Voot Prima or Dura inserts into each boot. You’ll want to use Prima if the boot material is delicate: velvet, super fine leather, or suede. For thicker leather or heavier synthetics, use Dura.

STEP BY STEP: Roll up the first Voot boot form and place it all the way to the bottom of the boot – and simply release. Next, roll up the second Voot boot insert and place it so that it slightly overlaps or just touches the first Voot insert – and release.

Voila! You get the highest Voot honors for Vooting your highest boots!


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