5 Scary Boot Care and Boot Storage Habits to Break Now

5 Scary Boot Care and Boot Storage Habits to Break Now

Halloween is here. What’s really scaring the Voot team (besides bad Harley Quinn costumes) are these frighteningly freaky boot storage and boot care no-no’s! Maybe you saw a “trick” on Pinterest, or maybe it’s just a bad habit. Either way, we’re sharing the right way to “treat” your boots.


#1 Monsters in the Closet

TRICK: You’re determined to stay organized, so you always put your boots right into the closet – right when you get home. Sometimes you even lay them flat in a boot storage box!

TREAT: Boots are afraid of dark, cramped spaces with stagnant air – and for good reason! Did you know your feet generate 4 ounces of moisture daily? Damp boots stuffed into closets and boxes are breeding grounds for fungus, bacteria, and even mold. Gross! Better boot care starts by allowing them to fully dry before going into the closet. Voot boot shapers promote proper ventilation and allow boots to stand upright – no need for boot boxes!


#2 Like Poison for Boots

TRICK: Ah-ha, you think. I’ll just put a little soap on a damp cloth to clean my boots. Easy boot care!

TREAT: Stop! That’s like a poison apple for boots. Any detergent or cleaner that contains alcohol (and 99% of them do) will break down boot leather. Instead, use a cloth with just a bit of water to wipe off dirty boots. Then, treat boots to a luxurious wipe down with a boot leather conditioner. HINT: Voot boot shapers make it easier to clean and treat boots by keeping the leather taught, instead of limp for a more thorough cleaning and application of boot care products.


#3 The Need to Vent

TRICK: You come in from the rain, take off your boots, and promptly place them on the nearest heating vent to dry.

TREAT: Instead, wipe off moisture from your boots and keep them far away from any heat sources. Why? Because speeding up the boot drying process leads to leather cracking and fading. For an extra treat, roll up a Voot boot insert to enhance the natural drying process.


#4 More Hot Air! Inflatables

TRICK: You ordered a set of inflatable boot inserts online and dutifully put them inside your boots after use.

TREAT: Your boots deserve better treatment! Boot organizer pros know these inflatables are bad news. First, they deflate faster than footballs on a certain New England team. Yet even when 100% full of air, inflatable boot inserts do not deliver the proper amount of tension needed to keep boots standing tall. One more thing…boot inflatables block airflow and can lead to fungal growth, odors, and leather damage. Instead, Voot boot shapers provide ideal airflow plus optimal, consistent tension that preserves boot shape and prevents creasing. It’s a sweet treat for any boot!


#5 Haunted by Boots from the Past

TRICK: You’re a true minimalist. Time to clear out those boots haunting the nooks and crannies of your closet…after all, the soles are worn out and the zipper is broken on one pair.

TREAT: Ever heard of a cobbler? Beyond the Canterbury Tales? Yes, there are modern day cobblers and they can replace boot soles, fix minor leather damage, even replace zippers, plus polish and treat boot leather. It’s like rehab for boots! Plus, you’re saving green – both the planet and your wallet – by repairing existing boots instead of buying new ones. Don’t forget to place Voot boot inserts into your newly refreshed boots to keep them shiny and (almost) new.

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