Stars, Stripes, and Boot Shapers: 4 Reasons Why “Made in the USA” Matters

When we created the idea for Voot Boot Shapers, we knew one thing right away: Voot was going to be Made in the USA, AND made with USA materials. No ifs, ands, or boots about it! Sure, like many startups, we could have chosen an overseas manufacturer. But we knew better. Here are 4 reasons to celebrate the fact that Voot boot inserts are 100% American made.

1) We Don’t Cut Quality

You may spend a dollar – a single dollar – more on Made in the USA Voot boot inserts. But you’re saving hundreds by preserving your boots. Don’t subject your lovely boots to cheapy plastic inserts prone to cutting, tearing, or stretching your beloved boots. Our boot shapers were designed with high-quality plastic (sourced from an American company) and carefully manufactured with soft edges to prevent cutting, tearing, or damaging your boot!

2) Because We Care…and Won’t Dare to Risk a Life

Saving a dollar or a few cents on knock-off boot inserts doesn’t make sense when you consider factory conditions in many foreign facilities. Many overseas workers are subjected to 13 hour days with very little pay. Workers often live where they work – sleeping in dorms on plywood beds according to a 2015 report from the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights. Plus, plastic from non-American factories may contain lead or other heavy metals…not cool.

3) A Lower Carbon Boot Print

When you buy a boot shaper – or any product – that’s made overseas, guess what? That boot (shaper) is made for walking, flying, and sailing across the ocean – burning fossil fuel up along the way and pumping carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Yuck. Instead, choose Voot boot shapers and lower your carbon footprint while upping your boot care game. It’s a win win.

4) America Lost 5.7 Million Jobs...It’s Time to Bring Them Back!

Want to hear something scary? A 2015 report from the Economic Policy Institute says that America lost nearly 6 million manufacturing jobs from 1998 to 2013 primarily to foreign countries. When you select Voot boot forms, you’re giving our economy a leg – and a boot – up.

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