Four of the Fiercest Gladiator Boot Storage Tips

Gladiator Sandal Care

An Ode to the Gladiator

From Roman battlefields to Manhattan sidewalks, the gladiator boot has literally stood the test of time. This laced up leather boot hasn’t changed much over the past two thousand years, since Greco-Romano gladiators and warriors started rocking them in the 2nd century BC. What HAS changed are boot storage and boot care methods for keeping all boot forms of gladiator footwear standing tall, strong, and ready to take on the day…


#1 Battle the Elements

Just like regular leather boots, gladiators need proper boot care to prevent discoloration, cracking, and creasing. Sure, snow isn’t an issue. But rain can do damage. Caught in a downpour? A cocktail crashed to the floor? Super sweaty day? Allow damp or soaked gladiators to dry naturally – a hair dryer or heater will cause cracking. And a warrior never cracks under pressure.


#2 Totally Killin’ It

Gladiators fought to the death to entertain crowds. You’re just fighting to win the fashion game. Still, take a cue from gladiators who took great pride in their well-conditioned appearance. They entered the arena impeccably dressed head to toe. Apply a leather conditioner or leather cleaner to your gladiator boots to keep them supple, smooth, and ready for battle. Cleaning and conditioning is especially important before putting gladiators away in boot storage…


#3 Stand Tall, Warrior

Speaking of boot storage, gladiator boots will become limp and lifeless like a defeated warrior if they’re not stored upright. Voot boot forms provide the reinforcement that a noble gladiator boot requires. Simply roll up the Voot insert, slip it in the boot shaft, and release. The Voot boot shaper is engineered to provide the perfect amount of tension needed to retain the boot shape without stretching the leather.


#4 Show Your Soft Side

Even the toughest warriors have a soft spot for suede gladiators! Rich, velvety suede needs TLC to stay in tip top boot form. Invest in a suede care kit which includes a special block and brush. Or, pick up a soft toothbrush and gently swipe the leather in one direction to remove any scuffs or dirt.

All of us at Voot adore the gladiator trend. You can’t deny that women who rock gladiators exude confidence and poise, like urban warriors ready to take on the world. Just be sure your boot storage and care protects the legacy behind such noble footwear.


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