Announcing Voot Boot Shapers: Now Shipping to Retailers Across the U.S.


May 10, 2016, New York, NY – After a successful soft launch in 2015, Voot boot shapers are now available to all U.S. retailers. Voot boot shapers are the best possible option to preserve all styles of boots, both on the store shelf and at home.

Voot boot shapers’ innovative design is not only attractive, it offers several advantages to customers of fashion boutiques, design stores, shoe shops, organization and storage departments, and other retailers. Compared to competitive products on the market, Voot boot shapers:

  • Are simple to use. Just roll the high-quality, flexible plastic material and place into the boot shaft. The unique shape creates a handle for easy removal.
  • Prolong boot life. Use Voot to hold boots upright with perfect tension—no danger of tearing or stretching. The scalloped design provides additional support and tension in the ankle area, where most creases develop.
  • Promote podiatric health. Voot’s unique shape maximizes airflow to keep boots dry when not in use, preventing foot fungus and eliminating odors.
  • Are customizable. Restore any boot by using one of the four configurations. They can also be mixed and matched for the perfect fit.
  • Save space. No need to devote valuable closet real estate to Voot when not in use. Its flat shape takes a fraction of the storage space required for other boot shapers and it can hang if desired.
  • Are beautifully designed. The shape not only looks clean and elegant on shelf and in boot, but each curve and cut-out fills a purpose that other boot shapers can’t deliver.

“After three years and countless tests, prototypes, and trials, we have developed the best possible option to preserve boots,” says Susanne Schropp, Voot Product Director. “Our promise—to give all styles of boots a longer and more beautiful life—is generating interest from retailers, professional organizers, and customers alike. Voot boot shapers don’t solve just one problem, they solve many: They keep boots upright and in order, they restore boots’ shape and prevent creasing, and they maximize airflow. And they are much simpler to use and gentler on the boot than competitors’ products.”

Made to last in the USA, Voot boot shapers come in four styles. PRIMA fits most boots that hit below the knee and can be doubled up for over-the-knee styles; DURA is for thick leather boots, riding styles, and rain and snow boots; BELLA is perfect for mid-calf boots in the finest leathers, as well as shearling-lined sheepskin boots; and RODEO is just right for motorcycle, work, Western, and other sturdy mid-calf styles.

Voot boot shapers are sold in wholesale quantities, sent direct from the manufacturer, to retailers and professional organizers. Both Voot-branded and private-label options are available. Visit for more information.

About Voot

Launched in 2015, Voot is an American, women-owned company that sells its unique made-in-USA Voot boot shapers wholesale to retailers and professional organizers and direct to consumers via Visit for more information.

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