Why Voot is the Best 2016 Stocking Stuffer

The leaves are just changing but retailers nationwide are already making their best 2016 holiday gift lists – and checking them twice. We’ve put together 5 reasons Voot boot inserts will be popular gifts for 2016…


1) Tops on the Top 2016 Gift Lists

The most popular stocking stuffers of 2016 are fun and functional. Voot boot shapers are the best of both worlds! Simply roll up the flexible boot shaper, slip it in the stocking, then release. You’ll have a perfectly shaped stocking that will have your gift recipients wondering what’s inside…that’s the fun part. The functional brilliance of Voot keeps boots shapely for years to come.


2) Best Stocking Stuffers for Women and Teens

Nail polish. Soaps. Lipstick. Socks. Repeat. Stuck in a stocking stuffer rut? Voot her stocking! She’ll love the smart design and “ah-ha” idea behind Voot boot forms, featured by the prestigious Red Dot 21 World of Design as part of their international award competition.

Don’t be surprised if she runs to her closet to Voot her boots.


3) Perfect for Pairing with Popular Gifts

Combine Voot boot shapers with a bigger gift for a “themed” present. Boot Voot inserts lie flat when not in use – perfect for travel! You could attach a gift certificate for a weekend getaway to the Voot insert, roll it up, and put it in her stocking along with fun travel size items of her favorite lotion, shampoo, or perfume. For travelers, it’s a 2016 best stocking stuffer AND gives you more room inside the stocking for goodies!


4) A Kickin’ Fashion Statement

For the fashionista, Voot boot forms are the “It” Gift. Why? Because if she loves fashion, she loves the latest trend of over –the-knee boots in suede or patent leather. Two Voot boot inserts can be stacked into tall leather boots to keep them upright without creasing and wrinkling. Since over-the-knee boots are pretty pricey, this smart stocking stuffer will protect her investment.


5) Because Santa Knows…

We bet that Santa, the ultimate gift giver himself, probably uses Voot boot forms to prevent creasing on his shiny black boots when they’re in storage 364 days of the year. We hear Mrs. Claus has made a bulk order of Voot boot inserts to give her friends because she knows: Voot is a Top 2016 Stocking Stuffer.

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