Wellies Season is Here: DOs and DON’Ts of Rain Boot Storage

Wellies boot care

Sleet. Rain. Repeat. That’s April in the Northeast! Make sure your rain boots can stand up to April’s wet and wild weather with our rain boot organizer and cleaning tips!


Wellies and Wellness

Practical and posh, who doesn’t love a cute pair of waterproof rain boots? Made of either rubber or PVC, “wellies” excel at keeping water out. But they also trap moisture inside the boot, causing foot odors, and even foot fungus (ew!) if not dried properly between uses.


DON’T Try to speed up drying by placing rubber boots on heat vents or in store them in a sunny spot…they WILL crack and weaken. It’s a big boot storage no-no!

DO Slip a pair of Voot boot inserts inside your wellies to promote natural ventilation inside the boot shaft.


Advice You Can’t Brush Off!

Your wellies may seem tough, but both PVC and rubber can be easily – and permanently – scratched.


DON’T use a brush to clean wellies, only a soft cloth. Don’t be tempted to tackle caked-on mud with a brush!

DO run boots under lukewarm water until the mud softens and washes away. Or, use a soft cloth. There are even wellies care kits available from fave brands like Hunter Boots!


Unbending Dedication

Want rain boots to last season after season? Prevent creasing and bending, which can lead to cracking and eventually a leaky boot.


DON’T Stand rain boots up in your closet without internal support, they’ll fold under pressure! Even laying them on the side without support will stress the rubber or PVC to the point of cracking.

DO Be a boot organizer PRO and Voot your rain boots! In addition to allowing wellies to dry, Voot boot inserts gently provide optimal tension to keep rain boots shapely, upright and crease free. Viva la boot!

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