VOOT REVIEWED: Adaption House Gives Voot Boot Shapers Thumbs-Up As Aesthetic Utility

Adaption House
I know, I know – that’s a lofty title to give this post, considering it’s a simple new purchase review. But it’s the little solutions like this that nerd me out with neat-freak happiness!  This week I bought some Voot boot shapers (fun name, right?!): a cool product that keeps your boots from falling over or crumpling. The design is mind-blowingly simple, yet I find them just as pretty as they are useful. See, bendy frosted glass…

Voot Prima Boot Shapers

…that somehow keeps my boots up! All I did was roll it up and then release one inside each boot. A total “wish-I-thought-of-this-its-so-simple-but-let-me-buy-more-please” type of thing.  I love when a good design has such a practical application.


My hall closet BEFORE:Closet organizing before

The inevitable closet bottom boot tip-over was extra bad here in dusty Baku – many of my boots from last winter were unusable. I just got some fresh pairs in and I’m not going to let them get wrecked. From the Voot line I ordered some pairs of  “Dura“ and “Prima“.  If you’re an over-the-knee boot type, go with the taller ones. For Uggs and the like, definitely Bella or Rodeo.

Closet organizing after

Voot bott shaper logo

Now I just have to clean all the dust out of the closet. I’m planning on using my Voots for travel too: I hear they keep boots from smooshing in your suitcase (without adding extra weight because they’re super light) and plan to update this post after testing them out over Thanksgiving.

What’s your favorite home organizer product? Can you get it stateside only, or do you have a great online resource?

Disclosure: Although this is not a sponsored post, I found out about Voot through a wonderful client in my freelance graphic design adventures, and am currently helping them with an amazing new website. I will gladly use some of that income to buy more Voots, because they really are great!

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