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Vila Davis Oscars 2017

With awards season in full swing, we’re sure Viola Davis has plenty of free swag coming her way. But we felt compelled to gift her with a pair of Voot boot shapers and add to her well-deserved accolades. It may not be an Academy Award (although we think she’ll have one very soon), but Voot is rolling out the red carpet and honoring Viola as a Woman Who Rules.


Dear Viola,

Actors as accomplished and versatile as you are rare. Forgive us, we tried counting your awards and nominations but kept losing track – there are hundreds. And not one, but two Tony awards?

You truly rule the entertainment world right now: on stage, on the silver screen, and even on TV. Who could possibly fill your shoes, er, boots? In just 4 months, you’ve grabbed an Emmy for How to Get Away with Murder. You took home the Golden Globe for Fences (and looked ravishing in your off-the-shoulder golden dress). And you were nominated for the Academy Award for your work in Fences. Trust us, we won’t turn off the Oscars until we see that statue in your hands…

You deserve every bit of star treatment – and so do your boots! While we know that Hollywood never sees snow, we’re sure you have plenty of stylish boots (Over-the-knee boots? Velvet? Cute cowboy boots?) that Voot boot forms can keep in top shape, worthy of a “Best Actress.”

Plus, when you travel to the set of whatever award-wining production awaits, Voot boot shapers lie flat and easily store in your luggage.

We won’t make it into your next award speech, but if Voot boot forms make it into your closet? We’d be shaking in our boots from excitement.

Best of luck during awards season (although we don’t think you need it).
In admiration,

The Voot Team

Photo: © Lagron49 | Dreamstime.com -

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