Spring Cleaning: Closet Edition, Using Voot Boot Shapers

Ah spring… the beloved month of perfect weather before it becomes blistering hot here in Texas. Spring is highly cherished around here. I even get to have my sunroof down a couple of times, which n-e-v-e-r happens. My favorite flower, peonies, are in full bloom! Gingham and pastels are everywhere. Spring is just a good time.

What also comes with the season? Spring cleaning… something to be dreaded or cherished? I’m still undecided. However, completely necessary in my household due to my hoarding ways, especially when it comes to our closet. Out with the old, in with the new! Below are some tips that help get my closet in tip top shape!

Questions to ask yourself when deciding to keep/toss clothing:

  • Have I worn this in a year?
  • Did I wear this at all this past season?
  • Do I like the way this fits me?
  • Does this hold sentimental value to me?
  • Would I buy this right now?

Do this for everything! Bags, shoes, swimsuits, and jewelry!

When It’s Time to Organize:

1. Properly store all of your fall/winter boots.
  • These Voot boot shapers are lifesavers because they protect the shape of your boots and will keep them intact for next season! Without these, my cowboy boots picture above would totally be folding over. The shapers also come in all sizes (knee high, calf, OTK, motorcycle).
2. Re-organize your shelves & refold any clothes that are being stacked.
  • Bonus: buy cute storage baskets for a more aesthetically pleasing look.
3. Invest in non-slip hangers.
  • My biggest pet peeve used to be when my clothes would fall off the hanger… So I have switched to the velvet non-slip hangers throughout my entire closet!

Post Cleaning:

I typically donate about 90% of my clothing and then set aside a few pieces to sell. If you have gently used clothing or clothing that still has the tags, I’d suggest using the app Poshmark to sell these items. This app makes selling clothes super easy and handles the shipping for you! They do take a small cut of your earnings, but to me it is worth it.

What are your favorite tips for spring cleaning?

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Thank you to VootBoot for sponsoring this post! As always, all thoughts and opinion are my own.


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