6 Tips to Find Your Most Flattering Boot Style

Best boot for your body type It’s no secret, Voot loves boots…from crushing on NYC street styles to admiring the latest runway looks. But shopping for boots is another story – hello, overwhelming! So Voot relies on the artistry and expertise of Mona Sharaf, an in-demand NYC image consultant and personal shopper.

Mona is not a stylist chasing the latest trends. Instead, she helps clients build a wardrobe of timeless pieces that accentuate their best features and convey their ideal image.

At the heart of any good NYC wardrobe is the perfect pair of boots…Mona shares what to look for!

Best boot for your body type

Yes, Petites…Booties CAN Be Your Besties!

First, let’s clear up a myth. If you’re 5.4” or less, you can rock those cute suede booties – or any ankle boot. The key is to match your legwear with the boot color to elongate your legs. Think black leggings with black suede ankle boots or a nude leg with a natural leather bootie that’s similar to your skin tone.

On-Point Boot Picks for Petites

Another way to elongate your legs? Select a boot with a pointed toe and skinny, stiletto-style heel. Unlike a rounded toe or chunky heeled boot, these delicate features will extenuate – not overpower – your petite frame. Over-the-knee boots are also too overpowering on a petite figure. But a full calf boot that hits just below the knee gives the same sexy, tall boot effect!

Plus Size Perfection…in Boot Form

The right boot can give you a lean look that highlights your best features. If you’re tall and plus size, go ahead and rock those over-the-knee (OTK) boots! Streamline your legs by pairing the OTK boots with a similar-colored skirt, dress, or legging. Plus size ladies who are tall should also steer clear of stiletto or skinny heeled boots as they’ll give the illusion of a thicker leg. If you’re petite and plus size, a full calf boot is a great choice with a heel that’s not too thick, or too dainty.

Finally! Boots Made for Athletic or Thick Calves

Whether it’s from going hard at the gym, or it’s just your natural body shape, thick calves have finally met their match with boots just for the wide-calved crew. You deserve comfort and style, so look for boots with elastic at the top of the calf. Or, seek out a brand that offers a full line of full-calf boots like Aquatalia, Børn, Steve Madden, Blondo, Sam Edelman, and Lucky Brand.

Block the “Wow, You’re Tall” Comments with Color Blocking

If you’re on the tall side, and not overly confident about your height, stay away from a monochrome look. If you wear all one color, the eye travels from toe to top-of-head, automatically. Instead, color block your look into three distinct sections so the eye focuses on one part of your body at a time. A color blocking example would be tan boots with a bright pink skirt and navy blouse.

No Heels? No Problem

Ladies at the height of their game have a conundrum when it comes to dressing up: do you wear heels and stand above the crowd? Or do you settle for basic flats? Neither. You try a sexy, fitted OTK boot which references the sleekness and height of a heel – without adding actual inches to your frame. HINT: Tired of your lovely OTK boots flopping over? Definitely check out this Voot boot form trick.

Your goal when boot shopping is simple: select boots that accentuate your best features and reflect your personal style.

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