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Fashion Blogger Gretchen of Living Life Pretty Shows Us How to Curate Your Closet.

curate your closet in your 30ies

closet organizing with Voot boot shaper

Living Life Pretty reviews the Voot boot shaper

I know we haven’t even reached February yet but in the fashion world… it’s SPRING! Personally, I am not quite ready to start building my warm weather wardrobe. I am, however, ready to help you curate your closet. When I reached my thirties, it was more about having a collection of timeless, well fitting and well-made pieces over the piles of $15 shirts I wore once.

Fun closet organizing with Gretchen of Living Life Pretty blog
Fashion is ART in my eyes, and I love to display my favorite pieces on my clothing rack. It helps me see what I love at the moment as well as lacking. When it comes to curating your closet, it is important to pick selectively. Quality over quantity if you ask me. Have you ever looked at a sea of clothing and said: “I have NOTHING to wear”? I know I sure have! Which got me thinking about how this happens.

    1. You are not choosing for your lifestyle. If you’re a busy mom and filling your closet with stiletto & mini skirts well… you better know how to run in those things!
    2. Just because something is on trend doesn’t mean you have to like it, wear it, or that it WORKS for you.
    3. If you buy anything (not just clothes), you should LOVE it 110%. If you kinda like it, I can promise that you will hate it in a month.
    4. No diversity. I do this all the time. You start shopping for only one thing. You get on a shoe kick and don’t buy anything else for a while.
    5. If it doesn’t fit, DON'T buy it!! This seems really easy, but I can almost guarantee that if you went through and tried on all the jeans in your closet, that half don’t fit properly.

      curating your closet

      When you are curating your closet, I suggest you find ten shirts you absolutely love over 20 tops that don’t inspire you. This helps by creating a more clean, organized space and frees up funds for those splurge items. Yes, splurge on the pieces that you love. I can almost guarantee it will save you money! How, do you ask? You won’t always be trying to fill the void of a piece you don’t entirely love. If you buy 5 $25 dollar tops that you wear once and forget about, you have now spent $125 and only wore the pieces 5x. If you buy 2 $75 dollar tops that you love and reach for them often, your price per wear is actually much lower. Sorry to throw the math in here but I’m a numbers gal!

      easy to use boot shapers, even a baby can do it
      When you start investing in pieces that you will have for years to come it's important to care for them properly. Five years ago my shirts would be a wrinkled mess on my floor, and my shoes would be jammed under the back seats of my car. Which lead to destroyed shoes, stained tops, and wasted money. Since you should only be buying pieces, you ABSOLUTELY love it’s important to care for them properly. Curate your closet correctly, and each season you can add;

      boot shapers come in different heights and durability depending on your boot type

      1 splurge piece, 3 trendy items, 2 shoes, 3 accessories and a bag! I recently started using Voot boot shapers in my boots last season. Why I didn’t sooner is beyond me. I am so happy that my favorite boots are retaining their shape. Footwear is one of the hardest items to keep looking their best. How many booties have you bought that creased at the ankle, or got put back in the box to have winter salt completely eat away at the fabric? TOO MANY PAIRS!

      double up Voot Prima for over the knee boots
      So, we are growing up and curating our dream wardrobe! It’s time to spend money on the proper hangers, boot shapers like VOOT and find yourself a good dress maker! These are the kind of things that will keep your curated closet pieces looking their best for many years to come.

      Gretchen Living Life Pretty blog

      Re-published with permission by Living Life Pretty.

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