6 Ways to Show Boots Some Love

Rekindle the romance with your boots by showing them a little TLC. We promise your boots will love you back! We’re totally crushing on these 6 relationship tips that will make you fall head over (boot) heels back in love with your favorite pair…

Take it Slow
Some of the strongest relationships warm up slowly. If your boots are wet from rain or snow (or the 4 ounces of moisture your feet generate daily), don’t place them near heat sources like radiators and heating vents. Just let boots dry naturally. Why? Heating leather up too fast causes unsightly crinkling and creasing – like the look on your face when a first date tries to heat things up too fast. No thanks!

Massage the Issue
Who doesn’t love a nice massage? That includes your boots. Massage a high-quality conditioner into your boots with a soft cloth and let it soak in overnight. Then, just wipe away the excess conditioner and you’ll have shiny, supple, like-new boats. (Note: suede and nubuck require special conditioners.)
Do Your Own Thing
The happiest power couples know a little time apart makes for better times together. Your boots agree! Spend 24 hours apart each week. No worries: your boots will just be hanging out with Voot inserts! Voot shapers allow boots to breathe and dry out completely while preventing creasing and wrinkles. It’s like a spa day for your boots. Don’t they deserve it?

Erase the Past – Start Fresh
No matter what your boots went through before, start today with a clean slate. Got suede boots that look a little rough? Buy a suede “block and brush” kit. Prefer to DIY? Grab a pencil eraser or a soft toothbrush and gently swipe in one direction to remove any dry stains or marks.

Stay Sober
Sometimes it’s fun to get a little tipsy on a date, but boots can’t handle any alcohol. Not even a sip. Never use soaps or detergents on your boots as they contain leather-destroying alcohol.

Do a Little Sole Searching
Wear and tear is a fact of boot life. Search the sole of your boot for extreme wear (which can make boots slippery or unbalanced), or any detached leather. Many a beloved boot has been saved by a cobbler, aka a shoe repair guru, who cost-effectively repaired or replaced the sole.

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