Voot is en Route to the White House

Who doesn’t love Michelle Obama? Active, stylish, patriotic, and passionate for causes she cares about, she’s a woman we adore. With her busy schedule and on-the-go lifestyle, we figured a pair of Voot boot shapers could make life a little easier. So we sent her a pair!

Michelle Obama Voot Boot Shapers

Dear Michelle Obama,

We’ll keep this brief, we know you’re busy being the fabulous FLOTUS you are!

Enclosed is our selection of complimentary Voot boot shapers to keep your boots strong, in perfect shape, and always ready for the day ahead – just like you. As winter moves into the D.C. area bringing sleet and slush, Voot will ensure your boots dry properly and don’t get those unsightly creases.

With your natural poise and enviable style (our favorite was the one-shoulder Jason Wu gown you wore for the 2009 Inaugural Ball…stunning), we know Voot boot shapers are the perfect addition to your fashion routine. Plus, Voot travels easily for your frequent trips – they weigh practically nothing and lie flat in luggage.

We think you’ll especially love the fact that Voot is a woman-owned business and that each Voot boot insert is proudly made in the vootilicious USA.

Thank you for being a woman who truly rules!

The Voot Team

4 Reasons to Stuff Stockings with Voot

  1. More Room for Pressies!
  2. Beautifully Shaped (Pinterest-Worthy) Stockings
  3. No Regift Guarantee
  4. They’ll Never Guess…

Voot goes to Washington

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